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Yakao Yang Author Interview

Yakao Yang Author Interview

Yakao Yang is the April Hometown Track Minnesota Author in the Spotlight this month and I pleased to share this interview with you.  If you would like to win a copy of his book A Hmong Boy's Story please enter HERE

1. Tell us little bit about yourself
      I was a poor class Hmong boy that the majority Laotian called the " Mountaineer tribe boy" from the high elevation of the country. Lack of opportunities I fought very hard in education by surviving         many phases and obstacles, I became a young grade teacher at age 13 then a young professor in the French-Lao education system.

2.  What inspired you to write A Hmong Boy's Story?
      It was my desire since I was A little boy that I wanted the whole world to feel the pains that I contributed for my education which was not available to anyone during that period of time.

3.  Education is a strong theme running through your book, why is education so important to you?
      In a poor country and new born, opportunities were zero, only education could make money in many sectors of the government. So, only education could make a happy life.

4.  Is it hard to write a book  in a language other than your native tongue?
      Yes, it is so hard and very difficult for me who didn't know the basic of English and never spent an hour even a minute in school learning English while coming to this country.

5.  Do you have any advice for first time Authors?
      Yes, be patient and follow your dream. Writing a book is a dream but it is a hard work without a fight patiently.

6. Is A Hmong Boy's Story true to the best of your knowledge?
     Yes it is, from the best of my writing and I love it. it is well written from the bottom of my heart that could never be regret.

7. What are the lessons you want to impart to your readers?
     Without a good education with high achievement there are no good jobs too. To do that you had to have a goal combine with your parents goals too

8. Have you been back to Laos to visit?
     No, and never, it is painful to see the country!

9. Are there still refugee camps located in Laos and Thailand? are Hmong still waiting to come to America?
     Yes, refugee camps still existed in Thailand not in Laos which was the mother land. Hmong from both countries always wanted to come to to US to escape big threat because they were victims of
     fighting with the US/CIA during the spreading Vietnam war in Laos.

10. In one sentence, please tell us why we should read A Hmong Boy"s Story?
      Combined with good advices, funny, sad and emotional parts. It is good to know the Hmong people and its culture and ways of life, why are they In the US.

Thanks Yakao!!

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