Wednesday, April 20, 2011


godless by Pete Hautman

In the beginning god creates water and water is the substance that sustains all life.

On the first day, Jason Bock gets clocked and lands flat on his back staring up The Water Tower also known as The Ten Legged One.   Jason has an epiphany and invents a new religion called The Chutengodians based on the most important element on earth.  Water.

On the second day, Jason recruits followers and begins to customize his new religion.  He creates a list of commandments which include honoring the sabbath every Tuesday.

On the third day, Jason must figure out a way to climb the tower, to worship and be close to his god.  Except not everyone can climb the tower, some of his followers are afraid.

On the fourth day, the new religion begins to take a life form all its own.  Everything is spiraling out of Jason's control.

On the fifth day, Jason is grounded for the whole summer and his assignment is to read a lot of religious texts his father picked out.  Brainwashing??

On the sixth day, Jason is in fear of losing his followers and his religion.  Will water baptize him in hope or drown him in fear?

On the seventh day, well, I am not going to tell you what happens on the seventh day as you must read the book to experience the religious phenomenon.

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