Tuesday, December 28, 2010

How to Say Goodbye in Robot

How to Say Goodbye in Robot by Natalie Standiford

Good Evening Everybody and welcome to the Night Light Show where where lonely people and freak and geeks listen and call in.  "This is the Night Light Show, your Light in the Night, and I'm your host." (pg. 26)

 Hello Ghost Boy, what is your story?
I am a high school kid who isn't really living, in fact I'm considered a ghost. My mom and brother died when I was in third grade and my dad pretends I'm not in the room.   In school, kids had a funeral for me and pretended to no longer see me a few years ago and so I exist only to exist in your memory.  Someday I will fly away.

Wow, that is one unique story Ghost Boy.  I feel for you. 

Next up, is Robot Girl.  What's going on Robot girl?
I am new to town and a senior at a private school where I don't really fit in.  My mom is sort of losing it and has gone bonkers for chicken.  My Dad is a teacher and rarely home.  I think I found a friend although he keeps me at arm's length.  I just want to fit in but I think I am turning into a girl with no emotions.

Hang in there Robot Girl.

Hey does anyone want to take a magic carpet ride to Ocean city with Ghost Boy and Robot Girl?  Come on and call in.  The carpet is warming up and ready for fun.  Let's go.

This book is not a fantasy but a realistic portrayal of two high school seniors in need of each other.  It is an unrealistic love story that bought me to tears at the end.  I was left cheering for Robot Girl as I cried for Ghost Boy.  Read this book,  it will make you happy you stayed up late to listen.  Call in.  It's worth it!

This is your Night in the Light show host signing off.

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