Monday, December 6, 2010

The Cigar Maker Contest

Contest:  The Cigar Maker

Hometown Track Author in the Spotlight, Mark McGinty has offered to giveaway 3 copies of his book The Cigar Maker.  The Contest is open internationally until midnight on Dec 31st.  All Booksnob followers are eligible and Mark has agreed to personalize your copy if you win.  If you love historical fiction you will love this book.

Here is the synopsis of the book according to Good Reads.

The Cigar City. The year is 1898. Young Cuban rebel Salvador Ortiz and his family have escaped the hardship of war-torn Cuba, but the union halls, cigar factories, and dark alleys of Tampa are filled with violence and vendetta. Salvador must defy constant labor strife and deadly corruption in a one-industry town known for backroom cockfights, street thugs, late-night abductions and mass production of the world's best hand-rolled stogies. An ideological battle for control of the cigar industry tests Salvador's self-respect and love of hard work as he fights to abandon his rambunctious, outlaw past and lead his proud Cuban family into a colorful immigrant society. His wish for a peaceful life as a husband, a father, and a man of dignity is threatened by a lawless underworld and a cultural conflict with a dangerous, bloody history.

Please fill out this form and good luck!!

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