Friday, November 12, 2010


Fingerprints by Will Dinski

In this graphic novel, Doctor Fingers is a plastic surgeon who uses his scalpel to beautify people.  He creates a masterpiece in famous movie star Vanessa's lovely face and all America wants to be like her.  Future patients sign up to get a nose like Vanessa or eyes like Vanessa.  Dr. Fingers assistant decides to begin her own practice and finds a way to meet the demand for Vanessa wanna-bees.  She creates a product that will change everyone.

This book gives the reader a lot to think about in our beauty obsessed world.  Why is everyone obsessed with looking young when it is perfectly natural to grow old?  People tend to focus on their flaws and dwell on their negative attributes when we are all uniquely beautiful.  This story seriously gives me pause as I see girls as young as 16 getting breast implants, tanning to change their skin color, dying their hair to unnatural colors and just trying to be like the latest pop star.  Girls wear shoes that hurt their feet, pants so tight it can cause problems with their organs, shirts so low cut it leaves nothing to the imagination.  Why?  Peer Pressure?  Fitting in?  Feeling pretty?

Fingerprints is around 90 pages and easily read in about an hour.  The author, Will Dinski has crafted illustrations that are interesting and reflect the great artwork of the graphic novel.  I met the author at the Minnesota book fair and when he signed my book he drew a picture of what I thought was me, and maybe it is, but it definitely resembles the main character, Vanessa.  Hmmm, it makes me think I fit the mold and that is scary.   Then I think, is the author molding me like Dr. Fingers molds Vanessa?  Powerful thoughts happening.  He then enclosed his initials under the drawing.

If your looking for a quick and thoughtful read, this is it.  After I finished the book, I couldn't stop thinking about the questions of beauty in our culture.  I have never had plastic surgery but I do sometimes fall into the trap of trying to stay looking young. What about you?  Will you ever try plastic surgery or the ever popular Botox? 

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