Monday, March 29, 2010

Alice in Wonderland

Alice in Wonderland by Lewis Carroll

With the movie as an inspiration, I decided to read Alice in Wonderland for the first time in my life. As a woman in her early forties, I figured it was about time I read this children's classic as it has been sitting on my book shelf for about five years or longer.

In seven words I found this book: Interesting, curious, bizarre, dreamy, colorful, mad, complicated. The illustrations were one of the best parts of the story to me. It makes everything in the story seem so whimsical. By the end of the story the Queen was getting on my nerves. All she could say was "Off With Her Head". I was beginning to wonder if the queen's record had a scratch or two. It was all good though because Alice's head remains on her shoulders and she lives another day to return down the rabbit hole for another adventure.

Which leads me to one of my next books. You can't read Alice in Wonderland without reading Alice Through the Looking Glass. Of course my book didn't have both stories in it and so I will soon follow Alice through the looking glass once I find the book.

Then I plan to read The Looking Glass Wars by Frank Beddor. Check out the website for this book and the next in the series. This story is about Alyss Heart, heir to the wonderland throne, who escapes from wonderland to find herself in London where she meets aspiring author Lewis Carroll. Lewis listens to her story, writes in down completely wrong even misspelling her name. The book cover states it will challenge our assumptions about wonderland and showcase an endless war for Imagination. I Can't Wait To Read It!

Then there is the movie! Well I will watch that at home when it arrives in DVD and after I have absorbed the content of these great books. If I see the film to soon, I won't enjoy it because I will constantly compare it to the book and you know the book is always, always better.


  1. It's funny but I never read that book as a child either, I did read it when my daughter was little as we read it together, one chapter a night, in fact I managed to catch up on a few missed childhood classics that way. It is a book that is as appealing for an adult as a child, with it's complex word play and allusions. I have heard of The Looking glass wars and it does sound like a book worth pursuing. I will try and see the film soon, my daughter has seen it and she found the 3D a bit uncomfortable, it gave her a headache.