Saturday, November 5, 2016

The Inflatable Woman by Rachael Ball

The Inflatable Woman by Rachael Ball
A Short Review.

Amazing graphic novel about one woman's journey through breast cancer and trying to find someone to love. The artwork is phenomenal, the storyline creative and heartfelt and imaginative. I can't imagine going through something like this and Iris's story is probably similar to the story of many woman who are shocked to find a lump in their breast in their 40's. The art is done in stark black and white with minimal panels or one panel per page. This book is full of dreams, magic, poetry and medical procedures. I highly recommend. I'm so glad this book found me.

Rachael Ball is herself a survivor of cancer.  The Inflatable woman is a fictionalized story about a woman named Iris who is looking for love through online chats and wakes up from a bad dream, with a lump in her breast.  

I love, love, love this huggable book.

Rachael appears at the Standard Issue UK to talk about cancer, anxiety, trauma, laughter and other cancer side effects.

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