Saturday, July 30, 2016

Wintering by Peter Geye

Wintering by Peter Geye

We are all connected.  Everything is connected and this is evident as you read and piece together the lives of the characters in Wintering.

Wintering starts with the disappearance of Harry into the Northwoods of Gunflint, Minnesota. He has a degenerative disease and while search parties are sent out, his son Ode knows, Harry won't be found.  The disappearance prompts his son to tell Harry's sweetheart, Berit, the true story of what happened to them in the Boundary Waters Canoe Area, one winter, 30 years ago.

The great love of Harry's life, Berit, and his son, Ode, alternately tell the story of Wintering, as they go back and forth in time to tell the history of a life and their connection to Harry's love and the land where they live.

Berit fell in love with Harry the first day she saw him, back when she was a teenager, but Harry married someone else.  When Harry found out his wife was cheating on him he planned a winter trip into the woods with his son,Ode, who had recently became an adult. They left in two canoes and set off to follow in the footsteps of the old voyagers and maybe to winter in one of their camps before the November snow.  What they found and what found them is a thrilling part of the story and you, dear reader, are going to be turning the pages really fast to find out what happens.

Geye is an excellent storyteller and he has created a cast of characters that will live in your heart and stay with you for a long time.  Wintering is the story of a family, full of secrets, denial, love, hatred, mischief.  Wintering is a story of surviving. Surviving, the extremes of life in a landscape that is covered in snow for 9 months of the year and the trails and tribulations of life.

Peter Geye is one of my favorite authors.  Wintering is his 3rd book and all three take place in Northern Minnesota.  Wintering can be read as a stand alone book or in conjunction with The Lighthouse Road. The Lighthouse Road tells the story of Harry's grandmother and it is where the reader is introduced to the characters who live in the town of Gunfight.  His books are always atmospheric and the location, in the North woods of Minnesota, is a great character.

If you are looking for a hot read to keep you cool this summer.  Wintering is it!