Monday, December 28, 2015

Baseball Guy. The Book by Gordy Jones

Baseball Guy. The Book by Gordy Jones

Are you ready for some Baseball?

Baseball Guy is a book for kids and adults who love baseball.  This children's book incorporates rhyme and crayon like watercolor drawings to inspire love of the classic sport.  All the characters are smiling and joyful as a young boy dreams of making his goal of being a major league baseball player come true.

The story embodies hard work and persistence as well as the love of family.  There is all kinds of baseball goodness in the back of the book as the author, Gordy Jones has some serious baseball connections with players from the Minnesota Twins.  Many valued players have written a statement in the back of the book complete with pictures.

This lovely children's book would make a great gift for the baseball lover in your life.

If you read Baseball Guy, you just might catch a case of Baseball Fever.