Wednesday, October 21, 2015

Twin Cities Book Festival 2015

Twin Cities Book Festival 2015

The Twin Cities Book Festival took place on Saturday, Oct 17th at the Minnesota State Fairgrounds.  It was a beautiful sunny, albeit a bit chilly, Fall day.  I was so happy to be there.  This year was full of so many great authors, panels and activities. I couldn't really fit everything in I wanted to do. I really wish there was two versions of me on occasions like this.

I started my day by meeting my friend Pamela and receiving four books to read and share.  The one that intrigues me the most is Pretty Baby by Mary Kubica.

Then I made my way to the Rain Taxi table and bought a large stack of Literary Magazine back issues for $1.00 each.  These I will use for research to determine what Lit Mags would be most likely to publish my poems and stories.  And I can also use them in the classroom.  This stack will keep me busy all year.

Then I went to listen to the Novels of the Midwest Author Panel where Lin Enger, Lauren Fox and Faith Sullivan answered questions from a moderator.  Enger and Fox are authors I have not read before.  Faith Sullivan is a favorite and I have read most of her novels.  I took home copies of Good Night, Mr. Wodehouse by Faith Sullivan and The Great Divide by Lin Enger.  I'm excited to read Enger.  I have read and loved his brother, Leif Enger's books and am thinking great authors must run in their family.

Next I walked around the booths and visited with exhibitors on the floor.  There were a lot of independent authors there and it was great to see the vast diversity of titles and topics.  I counted something like 43 authors selling their books.  I met author, John B. Goodman on Opening Night when I sat down at his table to eat dinner.  He gifted me with a review copy of both of his books, The Road to Self and Moments Matter, Everyday Inspiration from a Soulful CEO.

I entered contests, and talked with exhibitors from Literary magazines, like the Water Stone Review and Conduit and North American Review.

Next I went and listened to 4 authors/poets read their work.
Jabari Asim read from his book, Only the Strong.  This talk was amazing.

Then 3 poets read from their newest books.  Brian Henry
read from Static and Snow, Jennifer L. Knox read from her book, Days of Shame and Failure and Rachel Moritz read from her new poetry collection, Borrowed Wave.  I love, love, love poetry and it was nice to listen to some wonderful poetry.

At 1pm three lovely authors were signing books and meeting fans and I definitely one of their biggest fans.  Nicole Helget is the author of Stillwater, Ava Finch whose new book, Fishing with Rayanne, comes out in two weeks and Young Adult author, Katie Pierson whose new book is '89 Walls.  Katie made me answer some 80's trivia and I won a can of Tab.

Then my husband and son met me for lunch and we raced off to hear Craig Thompson speak about his graphic novels.  His newest book is Space Dumplins and I ended up standing in line for a SUPER long time waiting to get my copy signed for my teens.  So I missed the Crime author panel and Nina Revoyr (although I still bought a copy of her book, Lost Canyon and had her sign it)  When I was talking to Nina Revoyr, I noticed Craig was actually drawing in everyone's books.  Very cool.  No wonder the line was moving sooooo slow.  I guess it was worth it and it made my kids happy.

The last author I met was Pamela Carter Joern.  Her newest book is called, In Reach.  I have read one of her older titles, The Floor in the Sky.  It was excellent and I really wanted to meet her.  By this time is was 4:30 or so and the book festival was done around 5pm.  So I sat down and ate a delicious  coconut macaroon and read for a little bit.  

Thanks to Rain Taxi and all the wonderful authors and book people I met.  I have enough to read, until next year.  Happy 20 year Anniversary Rain Taxi.  Thanks for another great Book Festival.
See you next year.