Wednesday, April 8, 2015

March Author in the Spotlight Wrap-Up + Giveaway

March Author in the Spotlight Wrap-Up + Giveaway

This goodbye to March comes a little late because I was in Arizona soaking up the sun and touring the Grand Canyon.  I love Spring Break.  I didn't get to read as much as I hoped because I didn't feel good.  I had a cold and an attack of the allergies and was pretty miserable with swollen, watery eyes, constantly sneezing.  I did manage to finish reading The Inventor's Secret by March, Minnesota Author in the Spotlight, Andrea Cremer.  

Hurry and enter the giveaway for The Inventor's Secret.  It ends in mere hours and you will want a copy of this creative book.

Enter Here:  The Inventor's Secret Giveaway

Check out my book review of The Inventor's Secret.  The Inventor's Secret falls in the Steampunk genre.  Steampunk is a mixture of history and science fiction/fantasy which incorporates technology.  The technology in The Inventor's
Secret is so awesome.  I loved it.  Mechanical rats, rotpots, a dragonfly plane, mouse bombs, a floating city, and so much more. Futuristic technology placed in the past within high society and culture. So cool.

The Inventor's Secret Book Review

Next check out the Author Interview with Andrea.  I had a chance to ask her some questions about her new book, The Inventor's Secret, her writing life and of course her favorite YA authors.

Andrea Cremer Author Interview

If you haven't read the Nightshade series yet, you probably should get started.  I will include my book review to entice you.

Nightshade Book Review

When I started blogging 5 years ago, Andrea Cremer was a new author and Nightshade had just came out.  I reviewed her book, did an interview and she spoke at South high, where I am currently teaching. Then she moved to New York and hit the big time. Andrea's started a new Steampunk series and she has moved back to Minneapolis.  I've had a great month featuring Andrea and her books and hope to continue working with her.  You can learn more about Andrea Cremer and her books, The NightShade series and The Inventor's Secret at her website: