Friday, March 20, 2015

The Thing About Great White Sharks Giveaway Winners

The Thing About Great White Sharks Giveaway Winners

Rebecca Adams Wright along with TLC book tours is giving away one copy of her short story collection, The Thing About Great White Sharks.  This giveaway was open to BookSnob followers who live in the United States.

And the lucky winner is:

Brittany from Georgia.

Congratulations Brittany.  Enjoy your new book.

Here is the synopsis from Goodreads:

In this collection’s richly imagined title story, our brutal and resourceful protagonist is determined to protect her family from a murderous, shark-ridden world—at any cost. Elsewhere, an old woman uncovers a sinister plot while looking after a friend’s plants (“Orchids”), and a girl in the war-torn countryside befriends an unlikely creature (“Keeper of the Glass”). In “Barnstormers,” a futuristic flying circus tries to forestall bankruptcy with one last memorable show. At the heart of “Sheila” is the terrible choice a retired judge must make when faced with the destruction of his beloved robotic dog, and “Yuri, in a Blue Dress” follows one of the last survivors of an alien invasion as she seeks help.

Extending from World War II to the far future, these fifteen stories offer a gorgeously observed perspective on our desire for connection and what it means to have compassion—for ourselves, for one another, for our past…and for whatever lies beyond.