Monday, October 6, 2014

September Author in the September Wrap-Up + Giveaway

September Author in the September Wrap-Up + Giveaway.

September was a very slow reading month for me.  I went from reading a book a day in the summer to only finishing 4 books in September. Life is busy when your a teacher and a mom to two teenagers.  What can I say?  The month passed in a blur of craziness.  My kids are in 8th grade and 10th grade now.  I took off my cast and am finally walking on two feet but am still in pain and undergoing physical therapy for my left foot. Recovery is so slow.

Join me as I say goodbye to Minnesota author, P.S. Duffy.  The best book I read in September was The Cartographer of No Man's Land by P.S. Duffy, September's Author in the Spotlight.  Lucky for you, P.S. Duffy is giving away 3 copies of her book to U.S. followers.  Go enter quick, it ends today at midnight.

The Cartographer of No Man's Land Giveaway

Read my book review of this thoughtful, wonderful novel about World War I.  Told in alternating chapters, The Cartographer of No Man's Land captures the voices of Angus and Simon Peter, as father and son, an ocean apart.  The novel also captures the emotional intensity of war and the horror that surrounds it as well as the emotional divide it creates in the people who fight and their loved ones back home.

Check out the author interview with P.S. Duffy.  I decided to ask her some questions about her book, her writing life and the books she loves and recommends.  Read on to learn more about P.S. Duffy and her novel,  The Cartographer of No Man's Land.

Check out the guest post written by P.S. Duffy.  She has written a wonderful guest post on the power of story and the connections between readers and writers. Knowledge is power.
Read on.

I've really enjoyed featuring P.S. Duffy and her awesome book on BookSnob.  I'm count myself as lucky to have found this Minnesota author and her book while surfing the net.  I sincerely hope we have the chance to meet in person one day.  P.S. Duffy is a gifted writer and a wonderful, generous person.  I hope you will all check out her website and read her book.