Tuesday, June 3, 2014

Sex & Violence Giveaway Winners!

Sex and Violence Giveaway Winners!

Carrie Mesrobian was the May Author in the Spotlight here on BookSnob and she is giving away two copies of her award winning young adult novel, Sex & Violence to U. S. followers.  Sex &Violence recently won the Minnesota Book Award.  You are gonna love this book!  Carrie is the new YA author to watch and she is writing up a storm of good books.

And the winners are...

Brooke from Illinois
Christina from Connecticut

Congratulations ladies.
Enjoy your new book.

Here is an excerpt from my book review of Sex & Violence;

Sex & Violence is an excellent novel for the mature teen.  It is gripping, honest, raw and a bit shocking.  Evan is a swearing, beer drinking, weed smoking, girl using, character you hate to love, he is multi-faceted and trying to become a better person.  Mesrobian has captured the male teenage voice perfectly.  Sex & Violence is a great first novel and Mesrobian is a writer I want to read more of.  Love it or hate it, Sex & Violence is a part of the culture teens grow up in the U.S. and Mesrobian doesn't shy away from the tough nature of the subject matter.