Wednesday, April 30, 2014

April Author in the Spotlight Wrap-Up and Giveaway

April Author in the Spotlight Wrap-Up and Giveaway

The giveaway for the Stupid Fast trilogy ends at midnight tonight!!  Hurry and Enter!  Find the link below.

April is officially raining on my parade this month in Minnesota.  It is green and wet here with a forecast of rain all day for seven days.  I am sun deprived and all I want to do is lie in bed and read all day!  So it is a good thing I have some good books to read still from April's Author in the Spotlight, Geoff Herbach.  I hope you found a new YA author to read and love.  Geoff is seriously awesome.

April is now in the history books and over so please join me in saying adieu to April's author in the spotlight, Geoff Herbach.

If you would like to win the Stupid Fast trilogy please enter here:  Stupid Fast Trilogy Giveaway

Please read my book review of Stupid Fast.  Stupid Fast is a rare look at the awkward phase of adolescence, of going from a regular, shy kind of guy to a super jock.  Felton is a lovable character that has to figure out how to navigate his new body and speed and all the attention he is getting with no support from his family.  Stupid Fast is a mix of funny action with a little bit of crazy thrown in .  If you want to get inside the mind of a teenage boy, Stupid Fast is your gateway ticket.  Herbach does an excellent job of capturing the teen experience in Stupid Fast.

Check out this awesome Guest post by Geoff. He has written a guest post on why he writes for those crazy, fun loving teenagers in our life.  As a parent and a teacher of teens, I'm so glad he does.  Plus I love to read YA myself, because I've still got my teenage heart.  Read on.

Check out the author interview with Geoff.  He has graciously answered some interview questions on his life, writing and his new book, Fat Boy vs. the Cheerleaders.  Read on to find out his favorite authors, some writing advice and the back story behind his books.  Oh and what he is writing now.

It has been my pleasure to work with Geoff Herbach this month and I would like to thank him for being the April Minnesota Author in the Spotlight.  I met Geoff at the high school I currently teach at, (South High) when he was scheduled to speak to student via his publisher.  I found out that very day that his son was in my class.  Funny!  Anyways, I am so glad I was able to feature Geoff and his books here on Book Snob.  You need to seriously check out his website and read his books.