Thursday, October 31, 2013

October Author in the Spotlight Wrap-up + Giveaway

October Author in the Spotlight Wrap-up + Giveaway

Sugarhouse Giveaway ends Tonight at midnight.  So hurry up and enter.

Happy Halloween!  Tonight was a cold and rainy night trick or treating.  The kids have collected about 7 pounds of candy.  Wow.  Can you say cavities?  This month was memorable as I attended the Twin Cities book festival, went on a vacation to Madeline Island, then went on a reading retreat with amazing women from The Women's Press and I've read so many great books this month, including this months read called Sugarhouse by Matt Batt.

If you would like to win a copy of Sugarhouse please enter here:  Sugarhouse giveaway.

Please check out my book review of Sugarhouse.  Matt tells the story of his fixer upper with humor and style.  Batt is witty and insightful, with a little of bit of He-man thrown in (insert a Tim Allen grunt).  He includes the everyday family drama of his life, which I found pretty interesting, as his grandpa is quite the wild man.

Sugarhouse Book Review

Check out the author interview with Matthew Batt.  Get your home improvement advice here.  Read this fun interview and you will learn the backstory behind Sugarhouse, Turning the Neighborhood Crack House into Our Home Sweet Home.  You will also learn about other great Minnesota writers and so much more.

Matthew Batt Author Interview

Check out Matt Batt Guest Post.  He has written a guest post on how he started writing his memoir, Sugarhouse, and he shares what he was going on in his life at the time he bought his house.   It is fascinating to me, how someone begins to write a book and how the first sentence meets the page.  Matt talks in his guest post about the art of writing.

Matthew Batt Guest Post

It has been a pleasure to work with Matthew Batt this month and I would like to thank him for being the October Minnesota Author in the Spotlight.  I met Matthew Batt at the Twin Cities Book Festival a year ago in October, 2012.  I love reading memoirs and Matt's book is really interesting but I am pretty sure I won't be remodeling my house anytime soon.  I'm so glad I was able to feature Matt on BookSnob.  Please check out Matt's website at