Monday, October 7, 2013

BlogFest Contest Winner!

Blog Fest Contest Winner!

Geez, sorry I am so behind on announcing my contest winners.
I went on vacation last week with my family to Madeline Island (one of the Apostle Islands on Lake Superior) and so I was just busy getting my lessons done, packing, and planning my trip.  Plus the hubby had a birthday last week so had to bake a cake, shop and wrap gifts.  Wow, it is hard work to be a wife and mother in this world.

So now I am finally announcing the winner of a 12 dollar Amazon gift card.
So congratulations to ......

Mary K of Dark Thoughts Blog

She is the winner of the Amazon Gift Card.
Yay, Mary.  Enjoy.

I will leave you with a picture of my trip to Madeline Island.  The weather was HORRIBLE.  Rainy, windy, cold and miserable.  Gale force winds, white caps on the lake and so we mostly stayed indoors.  We had one day that it didn't rain on us but it was gloomy and cold. Yet Lake Superior is so beautiful and it was fun to watch the big waves come in and the leaves are just beginning to change.