Tuesday, October 1, 2013

Announcing the October Author in the Spotlight

Announcing the October Author in the Spotlight

Happy October Everyone.
It is a beautiful day here in Minnesota.

I have a busy month planned for October.  I am traveling to Madeline Island, located in Wisconsin on Lake Superior.  I have never been there and am looking forward to exploring this enchanting place.  The Twin Cities Book Festival is this month and tons of authors will be there.  I can't wait, as it is one of my favorite local, literary events.  I am also attending a reading retreat with the Women's Press at the end of the month and so I have a ton of books to read this month, including  Sugarhouse by the October Author in the Spotlight, Matt Batt.

Here is the Synopsis from GoodReads:
An improbably funny account of how the purchase and restoration of a disaster of a fixer-upper saves a young marriage

When a season of ludicrous loss tests the mettle of their marriage, Matthew Batt and his wife decide not to call it quits. They set their sights instead on the purchase of a dilapidated house in the Sugarhouse section of Salt Lake City. With no homesteading experience and a full-blown quarter-life crisis on their hands, these perpetual grad students/waiters/nonprofiteers decide to seek salvation through renovation, and do all they can to turn a former crack house into a home. Dizzy with despair, doubt, and the side effects of using the rough equivalent of napalm to detoxify their house, they enter into full-fledged adulthood with power tools in hand.

Heartfelt and joyous, Sugarhouse is the story of how one couple conquers adversity and creates an addition to their family, as well as their home.

This month you can expect a book review, a contest, a guest post and an author interview.  It is going to be a great month here on BookSnob.

Have a wonderful month of October. 
Check back often.