Saturday, August 17, 2013

Short Story Saturday

Short Story Saturday!

This is a new feature here on Book Snob.  The image comes from the blog The Praire reader.

About three weeks ago, I decided I needed to incorporate more short stories into my repertoire of reading.  I really like short stories but I love novels and memoirs and other types of books, which tend to leave, perfectly good short story volumes languishing on my shelves unread.  So in order to read more short stories, I thought, why not read one short story a week on Saturday.

So I grabbed the closest short story book available and it happened to be This Close.  Stories by Jessica Frances Kane, which was sent to me by Graywolf Press earlier this year.
Kane is a really good writer and I am enjoying her stories so far.

I figure the advantage of reading one short story a week, will enable me to complete about one short story book a quarter during the year.

I am wondering Do you read short stories?
How do you incorporate them into your reading life?
Do you have any short story collections you would recommend?