Wednesday, August 14, 2013

Emmy of Whistling Well Farm by Charlie Johnson

Emmy of Whistling Well Farm by Charlie Johnson.  Illustrated by Barb Bjornson

Emmy is a Springer Spaniel who lives on an apple farm in Afton, Minnesota.  In Emmy of Whistling Well Farm, Emmy explains her various jobs on the farm from chasing crows out of the apple trees to chasing all the squirrels and rabbits away from the vegetables.  She loves to welcome people to the farm and to pose for pictures with families.  Emmy shows people where to find the pumpkins and how to dig up mums and even how to feed the chickens and turkeys.

As I read through Emmy of the Whistling Well Farm for the first time, I found myself smiling at the antics of Emmy.  Simply put, this wonderful book made me happy.  I found joy in discovering the farm through Emmy's eyes.   This delightful children's book is one that I will treasure and share with others.  The artwork is done in bright colorful hues and there is subtle humor within that will make you happy to read this children's book again and again, as your child is sure to demand it.

Charlie Johnson wrote this book about his dog, Emmy and his farm, The Whistling Well farm in memory of his wife, Carol.  You can visit the farm in the fall to pick a large variety of apples and of course to meet the star attraction, Emmy.   Guess where we are going this fall?  I can't wait.

My daughter, Georgia and her friend, Samantha met Emmy a week ago outside of a store on Grand Avenue, during the annual Paws on Grand days.  They fell in love with her instantly and I knew I needed to read Johnson's book.

Emmy of Whistling Well Farm is a Midwest Independent Book Award finalist.  You can visit Whistling Well farm online at

P.S.  The well really whistles.