Thursday, July 11, 2013

A Million Heavens Giveaway Winners!

A Million Heavens Giveaway Winners!

Hope you are enjoying your summer so far.  John Brandon and his publisher are giving away five copies of his book A Million Heavens to Book Snob followers who live in the United States. I am excited to announce the winners of this multi-layered novel that takes place in the New Mexico desert.  So without further adieu, here are the winners.  Drum roll please....

Ben from Indiana (photo blog)

Anita from Georgia

Monika from A Lovely Bookshelf on the Wall

Bill from Like an Open Book blog.

Maud from What I have in Mind Blog.

Congratulations Everyone.  Hope you enjoy your new book.

Here is an excerpt from my book review:

A Million Heavens is a novel of place, people and the connections they make.  It is intriguing and interesting how Brandon takes a group of seemingly average, unconnected people and darn it, makes you care about what happens to them in the end.  The characters are complex, the writing style is unique and the story is dark with rays of light shining through. A Million Heavens is full of multiple perspectives, with a little love, arson, music and revenge thrown in.