Friday, June 7, 2013

This Isn't Normal Giveaway Winners!

This Isn't Normal Giveaway Winners!!

School is out for the summer!  OK, I had a busy, busy, busy last week but it is done and I am ready for summer and reading.  This was a difficult school year for many reasons and it was also the anniversary of my 20th year as a teacher.  I can't believe I have been teaching this long already.  WOW.

Back to books.  M.R.Tain and his publisher are generously giving away 5 copies of the book This Isn't Normal to Booksnob followers.  I am excited to announcing the winners of this entertaining, time travel, young adult novel.  So without further adieu, here are the winners.  Drum roll please....

Bea from the Philippines
Zemira from Bosnia and Herzegovina
Kristia from Cyprus
January from Canada
Jean from

Congrats everyone.  Enjoy your new book.

Here is excerpt from my book review.
Tain does an excellent job of taking a typical teenage girl and transforming her into a thoughtful, Christian young woman.  Tain captures the year of 1965 and the whole experience of Karla's time travel is very believable.  Tain creates a snapshot of two different years 1965 and 2005, existing 40 years apart and juxtaposes the two different time frames extremely well.  It was quite fascinating.