Friday, May 31, 2013

May Author in the Spotlight Wrap-Up + Giveaway

May Author in the Spotlight Wrap-Up + Giveaway

This Isn't Normal giveaway ends tonight at Midnight.  Hurry and enter.

May is coming to a close and school is ending across the nation.  Seniors head off to graduate and start their lives and summer vacation is beginning for a lot of people, me included.  Only 3 days left of school for me this year.  Yippee.
So as May ends we say goodbye to M.R. Tain, May's Minnesota Author in the Spotlight, and his YA novel This Isn't Normal.

Today is the last day to enter to win This Isn't Normal.  Time is up at midnight.  Click here to enter:  This Isn't Normal Giveaway.

Next check out my book review of This Isn't Normal.  This Isn't Normal is a unique book that would appeal to adults as well as teens, especially adults that lived through the 1960's.  It is well-written, entertaining and fun.  At it's heart This Isn't Normal is a Christian based book.

This Isn't Normal Book Review

Then check out my author interview of M.R. Tain.  Find out what books inspire him and how he became a writer.  Also he talks about his 2nd book, Peace, Man and his 3rd novel in the works.

Author Interview of M.R. Tain

Please read M.R. Tain's Guest post.  It is short and sweet and all about how he got the idea for This Isn't Normal.  Three things inspired This Isn't Normal, find out about it on the guest post.

M.R. Tain Guest Post

It has been a pleasure to work with M.R. Tain this month and I would like to thank him for being May's Minnesota Author in the Spotlight.  I met M.R. Tain at the Twin Cities Book Festival in October when I walked by his table and noticed his book.  Funny thing is, we learned his wife is a graduate of the school I teach at and then last month we discovered through Facebook that he has been friends with one of my cousins for over 20 years.  We are all connected somehow.

Please visit M.R. Tain's website and read his books @