Saturday, May 4, 2013

Free Comic Book Day

Free Comic Book Day- May 4th, 2013

This is my first time participating in Free Comic Book Day.  I grabbed my two kids and a neighbor boy and drove out to Uncle Sven's Comic Shoppe on St. Clair in St. Paul.  There was a small line to get in the store.  While waiting in line we were given bags full of comic book goodies.  I thought we would get to pick one comic book a piece but inside our bag was about 10-15 different comics.  My bag was heavy.

This is a picture of everything in my adult comic bag.  My son also got an adult bag and some of it was the same as mine and some was different.  He also got a game and figurines, and I didn't.  We did a little comic book trading.  There was a Walking Dead comic as well as superman and yet many I have never heard of.

My daughter was busy reading in the car on the way home. She got the kid's comic bag.  All of her comics were different from mine. I tell you it was a blast to see all the people and explore what was in our goodie bag.  We are going next year for sure.  Maybe we will even visit two comic stores and see what they each have to offer.

Did you get any goodies on Free Comic Day?
Have you ever participated before??

May the Fourth be with You.  Happy Star Wars Day.