Wednesday, April 3, 2013

Beautiful Music for Ugly Children Winners!

Beautiful Music for Ugly Children Winners!

Kirstin Cronn-Mills is giving away five copies of her Young Adult book, Beautiful Music for Ugly Children, to Booksnob readers and followers.  Kirstin's book has been listed on the ALA 2013 Rainbow list and the ALA Best Fiction for Young Adults list.

I am excited to announce the winners
And the winners are.....

Mary P from Australia
Linda D. from Florida
Lauren B from Kentucky
Zemira D from Bosnia and Herzegovina
Stephanie from NewYork 
Check out Steph's blog at

Congratulations People!!  You are gonna love this book!

Here is an excerpt from my book review.  I happened to review it like one of Gabe's radio shows.  

"Back to business, let's take a caller.  
Caller, your on Beautiful Music for Ugly Children, what say you?  
Yeah so is Gabe a guy or a girl?  
Good question, caller.  Gabe is transgender, someone who doesn't fit in the body he was given.  He suffers at home because his parents want to keep their daughter and aren't sure how to handle Liz as she transitions to Gabe.  Now that he is out to the public, he is getting bullied and threatened.  Music means a lot to Gabe as well as his two best friends.  Let's play another song,  How bout' some Bob Marley to
lighten the mood."