Thursday, February 28, 2013

February Author in the Spotlight Wrap-up

February Author in the Spotlight Wrap-up

Grim Giveaway Ends at midnight tonight!!  Enter quick!

It is warming up in Minnesota with temps above freezing finally and Spring is hopefully right around the corner.  If you need to escape the cold or the stress in your life, I suggest reading Grim.  Grim is a dark fantasy with will transport you to another world and make you think.

Today is the last day to enter to win a copy of Grim.  In fact you have less than an hour.  I had parent conferences tonight and so I am a little behind in getting my post up.  Enter quick:

Remember to check out my book review of Grim.  Grim should be a book on your reading list.  Grim is a dark look at the afterworld and it's mythical and mysterious qualities.  It is complex and entertaining and has a very different feel to it than typical young adult novels. 

Check out the interview with Anna.  You can learn all sorts of things about a person and their book if you just ask.  So I did.  If you read the interview you will learn that Anna wrote the first draft while she was in high school.  Impressive.  She also won a award from scholastic but you will have to go and read about that.

Check out Anna's guest post.  Here she writes about the importance of having a writing space and making the time to sit down and write.  

 It has been a pleasure to work with Anna this month and I would like to thank her for being February's Minnesota Author in the Spotlight.  I met Anna at the Twin Cities Book Festival in October and she agreed to be the featured author and to come and speak at the high school I teach at.  You can find more information about Anna and her book at her website: