Saturday, December 1, 2012

December Author in the Spotlight

December Hometown Track Author in the Spotlight.

Happy December!
Welcome to the Hometown Track meme where I highlight a different Minnesota author each month.

December is a month of shopping, eating and lots of entertainment including good movies and good books.  The best of the best lists are coming out and I'd like to introduce a new Minnesota author to add to your reading list.  His name is Kerry Casey and he has written two books, Fall to Grace and Singer.  

Here is the synopsis on Amazon:

Fall to Grace

Where was God on the morning of October 15th as two 13-year-olds knelt beside their dead fathers?

Fall to Grace opens unforgettably when Joseph, an Ojibwe farm boy, stands at the car wreck that killed his father. Sixty miles away, Cory, a city kid on a fishing trip, survives a boating accident that takes his father’s life. Now two boys the same age have lost their fathers­ on the same day.

The story bends and twists through eight years, revealing the true impact of this tragic coincidence. For the hard-luck young priest who brings the boys together, it takes beating alcoholism and re-examining his calling to discover true love and grace. For the reclusive widow trapped between emptiness and forbidden love, grace proves to be elusive. And for the boys who grow to become best friends and star teammates in college, the very existence of grace is something they couldn’t have disagreed on more.

Fall to Grace is picturesque, spiritual, and reflective—while never forgetting its first obligation: to be a flat-out page-turner. The story takes you to the far edges of loss where love can do surprising things for those willing to reach again. And it reminds us, none too gently, that only angels fall from grace. The rest of us fall toward it.

Small town life can be epic. 

And everyday humanity often provides life’s most riveting lessons. 

Could it be that a child is the only salvation for someone who has suffered profoundly?
In Singer, the highly anticipated sequel to Fall to Grace, the love of a gifted four-year-old boy and his single mother are the only hope for Cory, a hardened young man who can’t seem to outrun tragedy. 

Will Cory dare to open his heart? Can love unbar the door to a new life for the three of them? Or will a vendetta, gathering in the shadows, destroy their future?

Richly emotional, picturesque and thought-provoking, Singer reunites readers with HomeSky, Pat, the Sheriff, the blind Monsignor, as well as unforgettable new characters. It’s time, once again, to be swept away in storytelling that will leave you laughing,
crying and, not least of all, turning pages late into the night.

Three years after Fall to Grace ends, a new story begins.

This month you can expect a book review, a contest, an author interview and a guest post by Kerry.  Visit Kerry's website at 
Kerry believes "The best books come from friends."  He writes books that people will enjoy, they read it and then tell 5 friends about it and so on.  His books have spread all over the world mainly by word of mouth, which is how I heard of them.  Join the five friend movement and log on to Kerry's website to learn more about his books.