Thursday, November 1, 2012

November Author in the Spotlight

November Hometown Track Author in the Spotlight.

Happy November!
Welcome to the Hometown Track meme where I highlight a different Minnesota author each month.

November is a busy month full of changes and significant events.  This year we will vote in the Presidential election, celebrate Thanksgiving, start Christmas shopping, and notice the weather is significantly colder and snowier.  So while you may be stuck indoors during inclement weather, you are sure to enjoy a book about baseball this month from author, Rebecca Moen.  I actually met Rebecca at a Saints baseball game and we started talking about books.  I am excited to read her book about her life spent working in the minor leagues called Down and Inside.

Here is the synopsis of her book from Goodreads:

Naive, small-town Minnesota-raised Becky is fresh out of a tiny Lutheran college when she somehow manages to snag a prime internship with the Sioux Falls Canaries. The bright lights and the big dreams soon run foul, though, as Becky soon learns that working for the Canaries is not as glamorous as it seems. The team is made up of veteran ball players with injuries, drug issues, and attitude problems-- with some players only lasting weeks before being replaced. Still, there is innocent, old-fashioned fun to be had in the minor leagues, and Becky is ready to take it all in. In Down and Inside, author Rebbecca Moen tells her "mostly true" stories of the highs and lows with the Canaries, in a hilariously honest voice. And, like her alter-ego Becky, you may never look at baseball, men, or the world at large in the same way, again.

This month you can expect a book review, a contest, an author interview and a guest post.  You can check out Rebecca at her website:
Have a great month!!