Thursday, June 7, 2012

Armchair BEA- Beyond Your Blog

Armchair BEA- Beyond Your Blog

Today's topic:  Beyond your blog.  Has blogging opened up opportunities for you beyond getting free, advance copies of new books? Has it helped you get offers to write or review elsewhere (maybe even for pay)? Have you gotten invites to special events or places you might not have been to otherwise? Today, we'd like you to talk about those opportunities.

I would love to make tons of money writing this blog but the reality is that I have a day job and a family and I don't put in the effort needed to make a lot of money.  I am an amazon affiliate and I get a little bit of change for each item bought through my website and I am super thankful for that.  It makes me feel that people like what they read here on Booksnob when they click the Amazon link and buy something.  So thanks to everyone who does this.  I also make a point to share the love and go to amazon or other bookstores through my favorite blogs and purchase items through their sites.  A little bit goes a long way and I think it is another way to recognize the accomplishments of bloggers who websites you frequent.

I have a connection with The Women's Press in Minnesota and they have two publications, Book Women, a literary magazine, and The Women's Press, a newspaper by women for women.  I have been lucky enough to write for both publications and have also been featured and written about in both as well.  I did not get paid but the value of people reading my story or seeing my articles around the world is enough for now.  

I am a aspiring author, like half of the world.  I have started several books and plan to continue writing over the summer and even take a class at the Literary Loft Center in Minneapolis.  Booksnob has opened many doors for me in the world of books and authors so I will continue to expect great things to come out of my blog, even money!

If you have any tips, please let me know.