Tuesday, May 1, 2012

May-Hometown Track Author in the Spotlight

May-Hometown Track Author in the Spotlight

It's May!  I love May!  May is when we celebrate Mothers, Nurses, Teachers, Armed Forces, and Cinco De Mayo.  It is also the month when my son turns a year older (fourteen, this year).  Here on BookSnob we will celebrate author,  
Connie Claire Szarke.  Welcome Connie!

I met Connie at the Minnesota Book Fair and took one look at the title and cover of her book and knew I had to read it.  Her book is called Delicate Armor.  

Here is the synopsis from Connie's website:
Set in the Upper Midwest, 1952-1991, Delicate Armor is the coming-of-age story of Callie Lindstrom, a feisty girl who shares a special bond with her father.
Having lost his infant son, Will Lindstrom places his energy in young Callie, teaching her his love for the outdoors. Accepted into the world of men within her family and privy to their dreams, struggles, and sense of humor, she learns to navigate waves of conflict and loss while realizing her own place in the scheme of things.
This family saga is about the tenacity of the human spirit, the natural world, and our narrator’s emerging consciousness as she passes from young girl to self-possessed woman. Delicate Armor is Callie’s tribute to the land and to her microcosm of men.

This month on BookSnob you can expect a contest, a book review, an author interview and if we are lucky a guest post by Connie.  Please visit Connie's website at www.connieclaireszarke.com

Have a great month of May and join me in welcoming Connie to BookSnob.


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