Sunday, April 8, 2012

Poem in my Post: You're It by Hafiz

April is National Poetry Month and so I have decided to highlight a favorite poem and poet of mine once a week on Sundays in April.

The Gift.  Poems by Hafiz. The Great Sufi Master was given to me for Christmas in 2010 by my Aunt Rose and Uncle Dave.

It is so hard to choose a poem out of this collection because they are all so amazing.

Hafiz is from Persia and he lived in the 14th century.  He wrote about 5000 poems but only about 600 or so have survived.

I chose to post this poem, You're It by Hafiz because it always makes me smile.
It is perfect for Easter and Passover and reminds me of all the wonderful things that could happen in my life and those that already have. 


As a myriad things and
       Playing a game
          Of tag

Has kissed you and said,
         "You're it-

I mean, you're Really IT!"

    It does not matter
What you believe or feel

For something wonderful,

Major-League Wonderful
     Is someday going


Poem is found on Page. 30 in The Gift
Have a beautiful, wonderful week.  Oh and Tag, You're It!

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