Friday, February 17, 2012

Ms. Nique Visits South High

Ms. Nique Visits South High

In honor of "I Love to Read" month, South High invited several local authors in to speak about their books.  The second author to share her story and her book is author Ms. Nique.  She visited South High School on Monday, February 13th to inspire students and to talk about her biography, If My Past Wasn't So Dark...MY Future Wouldn't Shine So Bright.

Ms. Nique told her personal story to a crowded auditorium.  She talked about the fact that she was a survivor of abuse, a young teenage mother and how writing was the way she coped through the pain of her childhood.  She inspired the crowd, made us laugh and think about how to be positive and happy.

Ms. Nique is a poet and a spoken word artist.  She enjoys acting and inspiring others.  She is a positive young author and has published two books.  Her poetry book is called The Definition of Me. 

Ms. Nique kept it real.  She quoted her auntie saying "What you do today, affects tomorrow!"  Of course, no one thinks tomorrow as in Saturday but yeah what you do today does affect the day after. 

Thanks Ms. Nique for an inspiring visit!

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