Sunday, January 29, 2012

Party in the Rec Room with Lorna Landvik

Party in the Rec Room
Presented by author, Lorna Landvik

 Last night I went to see author and comedic actor, Lorna Landvik's show, Party in the Rec Room.  It runs for the month of January in Minneapolis and yesterday was the last party for 2012.  I went with my friend Mary and it was the first time we had seen the show.

Lorna wildly enters the Rec Room with a crazy black curly wig and funky glasses, singing Ride, Sally, Ride.  She then mixes up a big blender full of margaritas and passes them out to select people in the crowd.  A great start to the party.  The music was fun as Lorna asked 3 questions of the audience, then went behind the screen to change.  Out comes a wigged persona, a new character created just for the audience.  It is a laugh out loud evening of fun. Landvik is a great improvisation actor and every show is unique tailored to the audience's instructions.

The crowd was getting wild on a skit about Michele Bachman, it was my favorite of the night.  Politics seem to be the theme of choice from the crowd.   Then Landvik suggested the audience ought to sing a song, we tried a few,  and no one could remember the words, so I shouted out You've lost that lovin' feeling.  Everyone knows that song and so we all sang the song in a moment of camaraderie.  Later she called out a question and asked the audience for their favorite TV show theme song, and my friend Mary, called out The Brady Bunch.  The crowd started singing and just couldn't stop, Landvik played along and did a great skit as Marcia's weed smokin boyfriend.

Landvik has written several books, of which my favorite is Angry Housewives Eating Bon Bons.    One of her daughters attended the high school where I currently teach.  And since my name is very similar to Landvik, people frequently mistake me for the famous author.  Her name is Lorna Landvik and mine is Laura Lanik.  Pretty close. 

If you are ever in Minneapolis in January, I recommend you go to the Party in the Rec Room.  Get there early and sit near the front.  Take your favorite friend and enjoy the show!

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