Wednesday, December 14, 2011

Germ Warfare edited by Lupi McGinty

Germ Warfare edited by Lupi McGinty
 An Anthology of Comics for Germs and Their Generous Human Hosts.

Germs are so disgusting they make us all sick.  Literally.  The best way to combat germs this season is to read Germ Warfare and laugh your way to health.  This Anthology, edited by Lupi McGinty, contains 12 different comics by Minnesota writers including two by Lupi herself.  Some of them are laugh-out funny, a couple of them were just OK and others I thought were pure genius.

The first comic starts the war, with germs trying to infiltrate a human host and the humans fighting back with anti-bacterial napalm.  Which leads us to another comedic war during The Great Penicillin where many germs lost their lives.  Eventually the good bacteria are being destroyed by humans because of their fear of germs.  I loved the comic where the parents have to sterilize  everything to keep their baby safe and you see them sinking into the madness of germaphobia.  The war concludes with the building of a germ town on its deceased human host.

The artwork and comedic styles are creative and fun and all related to the common theme of the war between germs and humans.  This is a theme everyone can relate to because we have all been sick or tried in some way to avoid being sick.  Germ Warfare is appropriate for comic readers of all ages.

My advice is to arm yourself with tissue, cough medicine, anti-bacterial napalm, vitamins and whatever else you can think of to stay well.  Don't forget to wash your hands before you touch any germ infested surfaces and then pick up a copy of Germ Warfare.  You are armed and ready to read!

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