Wednesday, November 16, 2011

Triangles by Ellen Hopkins

Triangles by Ellen Hopkins

Parallel lines never intersect but the lines of Triangles do intersect inside this steamy, no holds barred look at three women during their midlife crises.  Each of these women celebrate a birthday and major life changes as they embark on a journey that forever alters their future.

Hopkins alternates the stories of the three women and she uses her unique style of poetry.  Each section is like a play or vignette that builds into a crescendo as each story intertwines and delves into issues such as extramarital affairs, sex, parenting a gay or pregnant teen, AIDS, terminal illness of a child and betrayal.  Some scenes will take your breath away, others will make your heart ache.

This is Hopkins first novel for adults and it is a whopper.  Ellen Hopkins young adult books are daring and delve into risky topics that most authors don't attempt to write about.  Triangles is no exception except it contains adult themes and x-rated scenes. 

This is my fourth book by Hopkins.  I have read the Crank, Glass and Fallout trilogy.  It is absolutely a set of books I adore and while I really liked this book, I enjoyed her young adult series better.  I think Hopkins has attempted to find a new adult audience and I believe new and old readers will enjoy this book.

Currently, I am in my 40's, just like two of the women in Triangles and yet I don't feel I have encountered a mid-life crises.  I am not sure if everyone experiences a mid-life cycle of change and if so, is it always negative and life-changing or can it be so small as to not be noticeable?  Have you experienced a mid-life crises?  What is your opinion?

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