Monday, November 14, 2011

Reservation Blues by Sherman Alexie

Reservation Blues by Sherman Alexie

Reservation Blues takes place on the Spokane Indian Reservation in Washington.  Three young men with nothing better to do form a band called Coyote Springs and begin to feel the pride and pain of success.  One plays an enchanted guitar and with virtually no experience this band takes off.  Later two women join the band and so begins their mystical, rock n' roll odyssey as they travel wide and far in their blue van from bar to bar. 

Every chapter begins with a song, lyrics included, and you can download the originals off of itunes.  The songs are Thomas-Build-the-Fire's lyrical original songs for Coyote Springs.  They are also poignant songs that highlight the Indian experience, history and reservation life.

Reservation Blues is a multi-layered story that mimics life and our connections with the past.  There are ancestral dreams and nightmares that connect the past with the present.  Mysticism, storytelling, blues singing, magic, are what kept me reading and so very interested in the unique storyline.  Sherman does not sugar coat the Indian experience in Reservation Blues as alcoholism, abuse, suicide, unemployment and other important issues come up often in the book.   This is one powerful book.  Reservation Blues had me enchanted from the first page and when the story ended, I was literally singing the blues.

Here is my song: You add the guitar solo please and the baby. baby's.
I call it The Reading Blues.

Late at night,
when I finished the book,
I stared at my nook  (I don't really have a nook but it rhymed)
and started to sing,
the reading blues

Baby, I got the reading blues.
I loved that story
now it is over
I must move on
what is a girl to do
I've got the reading blues.

you had my heart, my eyes, my time,
my toe is tapping double time,
to the beat of my soul 
wondering what book I will read next,
will it pass the test.

(Back to chorus).

This is an original copyrighted song by Laura from Booksnob

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