Tuesday, October 4, 2011

Contest Winners!!

Contest Winners!!

It has been a busy week here.  My daughter has strep throat, diagnosed on Friday, my uncle passed away on Sunday, my husband's birthday was Monday, 2 orthodontist appointments today, my uncle Ed's funeral tomorrow, parent conferences and working a 12 hour day on Thursday and add to the mix that I am starting to get a sore throat and a out of town wedding on Saturday and it makes my head spin round and round.  Thanks for listening.

Now to announcing the winners!

The winner of the Banned Books Week Giveaway is Brooke and she has won a 10 dollar amazon gift card.  She has already received her gift.  Happy shopping Brooke.

There are 3 winners for the Vestments contest. 

1.  Karen from Texas
2.  Jordan from Florida
3.  Christie from Princeton, Minnesota

Congratulations Ladies!

I hope everyone has a great week and you have some time to relax.

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