Tuesday, February 22, 2011

South High Gets a Visit from author Stephanie Watson.

    Did you know February is I Love To Read Month?
       South High Welcomes Author Stephanie Watson

Last week, South High invited three local authors to visit and to speak to classes. Stephanie Watson spoke on Wednesday February 16th, 2011 to an auditorium full of interested students.  Stephanie Watson is a graduate of South High and she was excited to come back and speak at her alma mater.  Initially we had some technical difficulties and couldn't get the laptop to project onto the big screen but eventually we got hooked up and Stephanie's presentation went on without a hitch. 

Stephanie is an engaging speaker and frequently made her audience laugh.  She talked about 10 tips for being a good writer.  These included, reading a lot, accepting failure and participating in a writing group.  She talked about how she writes every day in a notebook, at least three pages.  Sometimes she just clears her mind and writes nonsense but other times good writing exhibits itself in her notebook. 

After the auditorium she spoke to my 4th hour class and showed them the many drafts of her first novel Elvis and Olive.  She started with her 1st notebook, to the 1st and 2nd drafts and then drafts typed by the publisher to final book.  It was very interesting.  Stephanie also mentioned that when she was in high school (at South) she though revising meant spell check.  She encouraged students to re-read and revise their work not just spell check. 

It was great to have Stephanie Watson visit South and speak to students.  What a valuable experience for all!

Thanks Stephanie!

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