Wednesday, February 23, 2011

South High Gets a Visit from Author Peter Geye

February is I Love to Read month!!!
South High Welcomes Author Peter Geye.

In honor of I Love to Read month, South High invited 3 local authors to come in for a visit and speak to a variety of students.  Peter Geye, South High graduate, visited South on Thursday, February 17th, 2011.  He spoke to a variety of classes in the media center and stayed to have lunch with some of the teachers.  Many of the teachers have read Peter's book Safe from the Sea and loved it. 

Peter talked to students about the authors that inspired him when he was in high school.  Hemingway stands out as the writer who influenced him the most.  In fact, Peter read one of Hemingway's short stories to the group assembled.  He also mentioned Melville and that he has read Moby Dick 10 times!

Peter talked about the challenges of school and college and the degrees he has earned.  He wrote his book over a long period of time.  He said he would put the kids to bed, say goodnight to his wife, brew some coffee and write until two in the morning, then get up and go to work.  Peter said you have to write for yourself as a hobby because there is no guarantee you will be published.  We talked about the challenges to writers and the publishing industry now that Borders has filed Chapter 11. 

Peter finished each session by reading from his book Safe from the Sea and then asking for questions from the audience.  Peter donated a copy of his book Safe from the Sea to the media center.  He signed the book for the students and drew a ship inside.  Very cool looking.  It was a great day and a meaningful experience for everyone. 

Thanks Peter!!

A photo of Peter and Booksnob above.  Here is my review of Peter's book and the Author Interview.
Safe from the Sea book review

Peter Geye Author Interview

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