Sunday, October 17, 2010

The Twin Cities Book Festival

The Twin Cities Book Festival

The Twin Cities Book Festival is sponsored by Rain Taxi, a magazine that reviews books.  The Book fair was held yesterday, October 16th, at  Minneapolis Community Technical College.  I found out about this book event through a flyer at Borders bookstore and knew immediately that I wanted to attend.  This is the first time I attended the event and am glad I did.  It was a great time for me to network, meet authors and publishers and promote Booksnob. 

I talked to lots of fabulous authors, visited with some great local presses, received 10 copies of books to review and set up some future authors to be in the Hometown Track Spotlight.  It was a super exciting day!  Very productive.  Unfortunately I ran out of business cards before I made it through the exhibits, so I missed about two rows of authors and publishers but my daughter was ready to go and my hands were full.

Here is a list of authors I talked to and a list of books I received.
The Cigar Maker by Mark Carlos McGinty
Elvis and Olive by Stephanie Watson
The Butterfly Key by Andrew D. Neudecker
A Hmong Boy's Story by Yakao Yang
Finger Prints by Will Dinski
The Accidental Adult by Colin Sokolowski
Lucy's Hero.  Remembering Paul Wellstone by Karen Shragg
What's on Kolburn's Mind? by Kolburn Kersten
Far Arden by Kevin Cannon
Red Shift, Blue Shift.  The Pendulum of Time by Leslie Peterson

Authors:  I talked to a lot of authors yesterday including almost all of the author above whose books are listed.  Here are a few authors that will be featured in the author spotlight in 2011 not listed above.
Elissa Elliott
Brian Duren