Saturday, October 9, 2010

24 Read-a-Thon update

My Read-A-Thon Update:

Pages read so far: 78
Time read:  90 minutes

I am feeling sad about my progress so far as we are into the 5th hour and I haven't gotten much accomplished.  I am the sole care giver of my 9 year old daughter this weekend and I have had to make breakfast, take her to ice skating lessons, etc and so that is where my time has gone.  I have finished reading one book, as I only 78 pages left in it and so I will make lunch for my daughter and settle in for a long afternoon of reading on the porch swing.  Hopefully my daughter will pick up a book as well and we can both snuggle with our dog on the patio.  The book I finished today is:  The Book of Unholy Mischief by Elle Newmark.  It was really enjoyable. 

The book I am reading next is called The Accidental King of Clark Street by Diane Dryden.  She is my Hometown Track Author in the Spotlight this month.  I can't wait to disappear in a good book.  So off I go to make lunch, maybe cheer-lead for 15 minutes and possible take on a challenge.  I will check back in when I finish the book later this afternoon.  See ya.