Sunday, October 10, 2010

24 hour Readathon update #?

My final update for the night and it is 4am and just 3 hours in the readathon to go.  I just finished reading Fallout by Ellen Hopkins.  She is my author of choice for all future readathons.  So here are totals and then I am bidding everyone goodnight as I can't stay awake any longer.

 Pages read:  960
Time reading:  11 hours
Can't remember how many challenges I did right now.
I cheered several times during the readathon
My pillow is calling Goodnight.

 Read A- Thon Update:  Ok, it is 2am and I am fighting to stay awake.  I am now reading in a very uncomfortable computer chair.  My back hurts and I just got a snack since I don't drink coffee.  What else keeps people awake?
Pages read: 751
Time reading:  8 hours and 56 minutes.  OK next time I post, I need to make up these for minutes.
Cheerleaders, I need you!!!

Read-A-Thon Update. Midnight

Pages read so far:  588
Time spent reading:  7 hours and 56 minutes
Book completed: 2
Challenges completed: 5
Distractions:  computer, tired eyes, dog
Try really hard not to fall asleep. OMG, I am tired.
Fallout is an excellent book and I am counting on Ellen Hopkins to keep me awake for a few more hours.
I feel like my typing is slurred, possibly I am drunk on words.

NO pictures for this post, Blogger is acting funny.