Friday, April 16, 2010

Book Challenges

Have you ever participated in a book challenge? This will be my first experience with a book challenge. As a book snob I enjoy a challenge even though I have a hard time with anyone dictating my book choices. So the key is to pick challenges that don't interfere with my right to read what I want. I am going to try two book challenges this year and may add more.

The first one is called The Graphic Novel Challenge. My son loves these types of books and I have a few hanging around on my book shelves that need to be read. Plus I thought I could find some good books that would appeal to my son as well and then we could have something to talk about it. I am joining at the intermediate level, which means I pledge to read 3-10 graphic novels by the end of the year. I will review them as I go.

The second one I want to try is The Young Adult Book Challenge. My goal is to read somewhere between 12 and 25 Young Adult novels this year. I am super excited about this because I love YA books and I love reading what my students are reading. It gives me a reason to connect with students about book choices. Plus these books are falling off my shelves begging to be read.

I challenge you to try a book challenge!

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